Tito's Adega

In 2018, we took on the challenge of rebranding Tito's Adega, a brand with deep roots in the wine-growing history of Lajido do Pico. The aim was not only to revive the 'A Cerca dos Frades' brand, but also to redefine it as an icon of innovation and quality in the wine sector. More than simply selling wine, we set out to create a formula for innovation in a saturated market ripe for disruption, integrating the rich cultural heritage with marketing strategies and digital experience.

Tito's Adega

From Vineyards to Victory

This isn't just branding. It's storytelling where every element is meticulously chosen. We didn't just revitalize its visual design, we created a seamless brand ecosystem that included the introduction of new products and services, aligned with a brand narrative that embraces both historical roots and future ambitions.

We launched a new product line that reinforces the "Cerca dos Frades" brand without disrupting it, shaking up the market and raising brand perception to a premium level, creating an experience that transcends usual expectations without emphasizing price.

We turned the digital space into a tasting room without walls, a history lesson without the textbooks. This wasn't just about being online. It was about bringing the essence of the vineyard, the cellar, the tasting room and the wines to life, anywhere, anytime.

Raising brand perception to a premium level
Strengthening the brand's presence in the market
Improved user interaction
Growth and expansion of products and services
Increased website traffic
Expanded reach on social networks
Tito's AdegaTito's Adega
Tito's Adega

Heritage and Innovation

This case illustrates how a deep understanding and respect for heritage can be the foundation for innovations that not only maintain a brand's relevance, but also define its future.

Tito's Adega

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