Azores X had the privilege of collaborating with Enboarder, taking on the challenge of revitalizing its brand identity. We were tasked with developing an innovative and comprehensive approach that included everything from redesigning the website to creating detailed illustrations for various marketing assets such as Ebooks, ad designs, and reports.


Human Connection Journey

The new brand identity "Human Connection Journey" and the redesigned website have been crucial for Enboarder, helping the company stand out in the competitive market and increase its reach. The visual assets created complement and reinforce the brand message, ensuring effective and cohesive communication.

Increased website performance by over 70%
Over 20 assets created
Creation of a new brand
New website

Revitalizing the Enboarder Brand

Working with Enboarder was a remarkable experience that highlighted Azores X's ability to face and overcome complex challenges in branding and digital design. This project not only revitalized Enboarder's image but also strengthened our reputation as a leading agency in creative marketing solutions.


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