Criar Tec

Azores X had the honor of collaborating with the Municipality of São Roque do Pico in the creation and implementation of CRIAR Tec, the municipal business incubator. Through our experience in web development, branding, marketing, and communication, we contributed to the success of this innovative project aimed at boosting local entrepreneurship.

Criar Tec

Boosting Entrepreneurship in São Roque do Pico

We created a modern and functional website for CRIAR TEC, serving as a communication and support platform for incubated entrepreneurs.

We developed all the necessary documentation for the implementation and operation of the incubator, including process definition and template creation.

We defined a comprehensive marketing and communication strategy to promote CRIAR Tec and attract new entrepreneurs and investors through social media management. We fostered the dynamism of CRIAR Tec by organizing events, workshops, and mentoring sessions for entrepreneurs, and providing personalized support to the incubated, assisting them in all stages of their development.

Support for 64 promoters
41 active projects
Criar TecCriar Tec
Criar Tec

Success Model for Development and Innovation in the Azores

CRIAR Tec is an example of how Azores X is dedicated to driving development and innovation in the region. Through strategic partnerships and our know-how in various areas, we contribute to the success of projects that generate positive impact in the community.

Criar Tec

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