In the digital era, managing a website extends far beyond mere content updates. It’s more than a digital catalog. It encompasses a comprehensive approach involving user experience (UX), user interface (UI), infrastructure management, and the seamless integration of marketing and sales tools.


Climbing the Enterprise Mountain

We started by supporting their Brand repositioning and purposeful shift into the Enterprise space as their product transformed from a simple OKR product to a Performance Management Platform.

Along with the Betterworks marketing team we embarked on a comprehensive website upgrade project that encompassed all aspects of their digital presence, from UX/UI to improving the existing backend infrastructure.

The project focused on constant optimization of lead collection forms, ensuring seamless integration with Marketo and Salesforce, and supporting the team in market approach strategies and sales funnel improvements.

Increased site conversion rate
Decreased homepage bounce rate
Increased download conversion rates
Website engagement increased

Digital Interactive Reports

We leveraged our expertise in UX, Design, and Web Development (in WebFlow) to create digital interactive reports. This approach was centered around enhancing user experience by making the content not just readable but interactive. Features such as clickable elements, sharing capabilities, animations, and embedded media were introduced to bring the content to life.

The digital reports were designed to be intuitive, allowing users to easily navigate through information, engage with interactive elements, and share content across social media platforms. This not only made the reports more accessible but also more engaging compared to static PDFs.


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