Azores Jerky

Founded in 2020, Azores Jerky is the first craft jerky producer in the Azores, and stands out for using 100% free-range, pasture-fed meat from the Azorean islands. Located on the picturesque Pico island, the company was born out of a desire to blend the Californian tradition of jerky with the exceptional quality of Azorean products.

Azores Jerky

From Palates to Shelves

The project's challenge centered on creating a packaging design that reflected the craft quality and unique origin of Azores Jerky, while at the same time appealing to a global audience. To achieve this, we used a vibrant and distinctive color pattern, with each color chosen to represent a different variety of jerky, making it easier for consumers to identify and reinforcing the brand's visual identity.

The design also incorporates visual elements that tell the story of the product's origin and refer to nature and the animals' freedom in the Azores.

The packaging was designed to be as visually attractive as it is informative, highlighting jerky's attributes as a healthy and practical snack.

Distinction at the Sales Point
Increased Brand Perception
Visual Consistency and Brand Recognition
Improved Quality Perception
Azores JerkyAzores Jerky
Azores Jerky

Transforming Products and Broadening Markets

This project shows how a carefully planned and executed approach can transform the appearance of a product, broadening its market appeal and reinforcing the brand's narrative.

Azores Jerky

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